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We deliver fresh products from our farms to your doorstep every week.

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We believe in quality dairy products! We believe in making a difference you can taste. A product you, and your family can enjoy. This sort of quality starts at the source: family-owned farms. Our farmers know their cows by name, they are not simply tools of the business, they are teammates. Together, farmers and cows come together to produce some of the tastiest dairy products you will ever enjoy! We do not care to distribute with shelf-life as a goal, rather, we prefer to provide fresh products every day. And you are guaranteed a free smile every time!

Farm Fresh

Our dairy products come directly from our farms to your door. No preservatives to extend shlef life, and always delivered with a smile!


Feel free to click on the news below for more information on the health benefits of drinking milk, debunked myths, and valuable data and research.

Good cheese comes from good milk

Who doesn’t like a good slice of cheese? Check our variety of cheeses and treat yourself to a rich and flavorfull slice of cheese!

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We Support 97 milk!

97 Milk is a non-profit community of dairy farmers and agribusinesses in favor of drinking whole milk and disseminating milk education. Whole milk is a powerful nutrient with many health benefits! 97 Milk’s mission is to offer information on the health benefits of dairy goods and the dedication that farmers put in daily for dairy farming. 

Join us in supporting 97 Milk today and make a difference!